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  • Electrostatic Dust Collector

    Efficient wide spacing electrostatic precipitator is a new generation of highly efficient horizontal type electrostatic precipitator with electromechanical integration as the core, on the basis of field dynamic impedance control and wide spacing structure.
    It is especially suited for coal-fired power plants, chemical plants, dust pollution metallurgical smelting factory and other

  • Dense phase pneumatic conveying system

    Dense phase pneumatic ash handling system according to the Code for designing ash handling system of power plant, adopting advanced pneumatic ash conveying technology to ensure long-term stability and reliable operation. System group into two types: L-type(Bottom discharge) and LD-Type (Upper discharge). Screw air compressor is main power, and conveying dust into ash silo through pipes.

  • PPCS Series Bag Type Dust Collector

    PPC type air box pulse dust collector is with the introduction of technology manufacturing. It combines the advantages of a sub-room cleaning and pulse cleaning of the baghouse, thereby it can expand the scope of application of the baghouse, improve the collection efficiency and extend the service life of the bag. This series of dust collector is composed of a number of different rooms and the number

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Shijiazhuang Kuofu Complete Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of Industrial Dust Collector,Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System (Fly Ash Handling System ), Small Complete Production Line for Manufacturing Cement and other related equipment.

Factory is located in Shijiazhuang city which is China’s transportation hub and was built in 2007. After several years of development and evolution, now we have two factories, one is scientific research base.The total area is 10000 square meters, and it is mainly manufacturing Industrial Dust Collector,Pneumatic Conveying Equipment ,


Shijiazhuang Kuofu Complete Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

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