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PPCS Series Bag Type Dust Collector


PPC type air box pulse dust collector is with the introduction of technology manufacturing. It combines the advantages of a sub-room cleaning and pulse cleaning of the baghouse, thereby it can expand the scope of application of the baghouse, improve the collection efficiency and extend the service life of the bag. This series of dust collector is composed of a number of different rooms and the number of different bags per room combined into a variety of specifications, the number of bags per room has 32, 64, 96, 128 bags, 33 kinds of specifications. The dust collector of this series can be positive or negative pressure operation, the basic structure is without any changes.

PPC series of dust collector inlet concentration up to 1000g/M3, its collection efficiency can reach 99%. The use of polyester 208 filter temperature is 120 ° C, allowing the application of glass fiber needle felt filter temperature is 210 ℃.

Scope of application

PPC series dust collector are widely used in crushing, packing, top of your library, clinker cooler and various types of mills and other dust collection system of a cement plant for the coal mill dust with anti-blasting measures.

Main technical specification

TypeAir Capacity(m³/h)Gross filtration area(m³)Net filtration area(m³)Chamber Qty.Filter bag Air consumption
Impeller-type feederTube screw conveyorAir conveying slides
0.27300×300(mm) motor power
PPCS32-48930124934128 0.37  -
PPCS32-5111601551245160 0.46  -
PPCS32-6133901861555192 0.55  -
PPCS64-4178002481864256 1.2 300mm30m³/h
     motor  power
PPCS64-5223003102485320 1.5  -
PPCS64-6267003723106384 1.8  -
PPCS64-731200434 3727448 2.1  -
PPCS64-8357004964348512 2.4  -
PPCS96-4268003722794384 1.2400×400(mm) motor power1.5KW400mm38
     (m³/h )
   motor  power 5.5KW
PPCS96-5334004653725480 1.5  -
PPCS96-64010055746556576 1.8  -
PPCS96-7468006505577672 2.1  -
PPCS96-8535107446508768 2.4  -
PPCS96-9601008367449864 2.7  -
PPCS96-2×56690092983610960 3.02 sets 350×350(mm) motor power
2 sets 300mm2X21m³/h motor power 2.2KW-
PPCS96-2×68070011211028121152 3.4  -
PPCS96-2×79410013081251141344 4.2  -
PPCS96-2×810760014941401161536 4.8  -
PPCS96-2×912100016811588181728 5.4  -
PPCS96-2×1013450018681775201920 6.0  -
3.6300×300(mm)  1.1KW300mm motor  power 2.2KW-
PPCA128-2×6134600186917131215367.0305×915(mm) motor power  XWD4-7-1/371.1KW B250mm
   Air volume required 2m³/m2

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