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Scraper Conveyor



This equipment is commonly used in the horizontal transport particles and powder materials, and also can work under the angle is ≤15. Scraper Conveyor can be horizontal or inclined settled, it is an ideal transportation equipment for metallurgical, chemical, mining, building materials, food feeding and processing industry.

2.Structure and principle

Scraper Conveyor is group by head, the middle channel, tail, chains, drive system and the corbel of installation. Chain with high-quality roller chain, inlet, outlet and the distance of transport can be flexible designed as the process requirement. It is high reliability, save energy and easy maintenance.

The material is continuous transporting from tail to head in a sealing environment, can be achieved multi-feed, multi-point discharge.

Tail part set screw adjustment to adjust the Chain tightness,so keep   the chain in a proper tension when it is operating and make sure it can run stable.

3.Equipment selection

(1)Chain selection

The user should select the appropriate speed of the chain according to the properties of material. For example, strong abrasive, high temperature, large particles or with a large proportion of particles should with low speed.

(2)Machine Type

After chain speed is determined, it can select the best model according to the capacity. In the same capacity, selecting the larger models can reduce chain speed, thus it can prolonging the service life. But if the actual capacity is less than 30% of the machine rated capacity, thin material layer will cause the idle, so it will increase the wear and tear.

4.Data sheet

Sheet 1

Slot width (mm)150200270320350410500600700
Delivery Volume 
   ( M3/h)
Chain speed(m/min)6-156-156-158-178-178-178-1714-2514-25
Conveying distance (m)8-508-508-508-508-508508-508-508-50
Motor power (KW)2.2-7.52.2-114-18.54-18.55.5-225.5-227.5-3718.5-7518.5-75
Drive installation typeLeft/ right or on the back
Drive typeChain drive
Particle size(mm)<5<5<7<9<9<11<25<25<25
Temp.( ℃)≤180

Sheet 2 Inclined conveyor discount coefficient


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