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Polyester needle felt filter bag


Polyester needle felt filter bag  Dacron needled felt filter bag   terylene needle felt filter bag

Sophisticated equipment producing polyester needle felt filter bag. A variety of fiber can be quantitative mixed evenly, and using multiple mixed open cotton units and carding machine units are benefit to between fiber web and different fiber composite layer、gradient transform. Advantages: high voidage, high air permeability, high efficiency dust collection, long service life etc. Because the heat resistance level is moderate, instant peak temperature can be reached to 150℃, acid proof, alkali proof and good abrasive resistance, so this kind of polyester needle felt filter bag is widely applied .

MaterialPolyester / Polyester staple fiber base fabricPolyester / Polyester filament base fabric
Air Permeability
Breaking Strength
Warp direction>750>750>800>800>1000>1000>1100>1100>1150
Weft  direction>1150>1200>1300>1400>1250>1300>1350>1350>1400
Breaking Elongation(%)Warp direction<35<35<35<35<25<25<25<25<25
Weft direction<55<55<55<55<45<45<45<45<45
          Operation Temp.(℃)
Instant operation Temp.(℃)150150150150150150150150150
Acid Resistancesuperiorsuperior
Alkalis Resistancemediummedium
Abrasive Resistancesuperiorsuperior
Hydrolytic Stabilitymediummedium

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