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High Temperature Glass Fiber Needled Felt Dedusting Filter Bag


High temperature glass fiber needled felt dedusting filter bag is a heat resistance filter medium with reasonable structure and good performance.  

Advantages: resistance high temperature, resistance corrosion, dimensional stability, low elongation shrinkage rate, high strength. And felt fiber is single fiber, three-dimensional microporous structure, high porosity and small gas filtration resistance, so it is also a filter medium with high speed, high efficiency and high temperature. Compared with other high temperature resistance chemical fiber bag, it has the features of low price, low operation resistance, high filter fineness and resistance high temperature.

It is widely used in iron and steel industry, metallurgy, carbon black, power generation, cement, chemical and other industries of high temperature flue gas filtration.

Air permeability
Breaking Strength
Breaking length(%)Warp<10<10
Resistance temperature(℃)280280
Acid Resistancesupersuper
Alkalis Resistancemediummedium
Abrasive ResistanceGoodGood
Hydrolytic Stabilitymediummedium
FinishingDeal with PTFEDeal with PTFE


a. Singeing and calendaring treatment---not only improve the cleaning performance accuracy and low dropout performance of the filter material.

b. Anti-static treatment---Anti-static filter material which is the fiber or fiber nixed with conductive fibers (including the binary conductive fiber, carbon fiber or stainless steel conductive fiber), so that the filter material has conductive properties.

c. Water and oil proof Treatment---It can prevent and mitigate paste bags of phenomenon.

d. Easily dedusting treatment---it has good cleaning performance, air permeability,and can work long hours in a high filtered wind speed.

e. PTFE with the membrane treatment---has high filtering accuracy, smooth surface,no adhesion of dust, easily dedusting and the dust does not penetrate into the filter inside to achieve the surface.

f. ZMPS Microfiber treatment---high filtration efficiency; many kinds of surface treatment to meet the needs of different operating conditions; decrease the investment andcost.

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