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Pulse electromagnetic valve


Pulse electromagnetic valve is pulse bag filter soot blowing system of compressed air "switch", under the control of the output signal of pulse injection, the filter bag one by one row (room) blowing dust, keep the dust resistance within the range of settngs,to ensure the processing capacity of the dust collector and dust collecting efficiency. 

Pulse Electromagnetic Valve Introduction:

Right-angle type Pulse Electromagnetic Valve

Nominal diameter: DN 15-100 mm

Pressure range: 8 kg

Medium Temp: -20-60 degrees

Valve material: Precision casting of aluminium alloy

Function: Anti-explosion, normal close

Service environment:

1.Temperature: -25℃~55℃ 55℃~180℃.

2.Air relative humidity is less than 85%

3.Protection grade conform to IP64.

Pulse Electromagnetic Valve Parameters:

Operation modeNormal closeElectricity open, de energize close
Medium Temp.≤ 60 °C
Nominal diameter. (mm)1520253240506580100
Conncetion Size. (G)1/23/411-1/41-1/222-1/234
Pressure (Mpa)0.03-0.8
Service lifeJetting more than 1.5 million times
Voltage deviationAllowed fluctuate ±10%
MaterialValvePrecision casting of aluminium alloy
SealNitrile buna rubber (NBR)
Environment Temp.-20-60 °C
Connection typeInternal thread
Electrical connectionSocket of terminal box cable, IP Grade IP65
VoltageAC 220 V 50Hz/60Hz, DC: 24 V, other according requirement
Special selectionBZCJ Anti-explosion Electromagnetic Valve
Anti-explosion grade: Exml/llT4 (Encapsulated), dllBT4,dllCT5 (with hydrogen)
InstallationPriority in using vertical coil, also can according to requirement
NoteThe valve fully open or closed, need at least 0.1Mpa pressure difference

Pulse Electromagnetic Valve Install Size:

Nominal diameter. DNInternal threadOutline dimension

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